So why Wundering Feet?

This wasn’t an unfortunate typo, it was indeed a deliberate choice.

Wundering = a mix of wondering + wandering.

Wondering: to think or speculate curiously, to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe, to marvel (at)

Wandering: moving from place to place without a fixed plan, roaming, rambling, having no permanent residence, nomadic, meandering.

My definition of wundering: to move curiously through life, exploring, expanding one’s horizons and looking for pastures new. To collect small pieces of the puzzle from each place visited / sojourned / lived and creating an ever evolving patchwork of experiences and friendships along the way.

Our feet are the vehicle that take us on these journeys and our minds enable us to continue our voyages even when we are still. Curiosity and movement are some of the greatest gifts we as humans have. We don’t always have to have a definite plan of where we are going and not all those who wunder are lost.

Wundering feet are happy feet 🙂


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