The pawfect job

Mia and I just entered a competition to review dog-friendly accommodation for Canine Cottages. The company are on the hunt for 10 dogs to review their pet-friendly properties. The gig isn’t entirely work-free. The critics will be expected to post content for the social media channels as well as write up travel recommendations for the local area. A friend kindly forwarded it to me and I knew it was our pawfect gig!

I had so much fun writing the application I thought I would share it on the blog. And yes I do love to laugh at my own jokes!

So here it is, in under 1000 characters, why Mia would make the most fur-nominal canine critic. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it…

Canine critics 2020: Review dog-friendly accommodation

Hi my name is Mia (aka Mimi/Mia dog) and I’m writing to tell you why I would be the absolute pawfect canine critic! I love to travel with my photograph-fur dog mamma. She’s barking mad always dangling a camera in my face but I get a ton of treats so I pawt up with it. We love outdoor activities and some of my favourites are getting a lift on mum’s back either while she does doggie paddle (I use her as a float) or in her backpack when hiking (views)! I love long walkies but I hate the wind messing up my hair, even if it does give me that purfect, “you’re worth it” look. I’m so pupular we make friends everywhere we go, Mum says I’m quite the ‘flirt’. Sometimes I think I need a pedigree to understand her! I was once in a Butchers dog advert. They only showed a corner of my face for 1/25th second but hey I was on the telly which means I’m famous! I hope the pup-arazzi don’t chase me! Mum has had a rough pooch lately, and been very melon collie, travelling really pawks her up. We hope you choose us and thanks fur the opportunity! Collie me maybe? 

Have a search of their dog friendly cottages here. I’ve already got my eye on a few. I think regardless of whether we win I will definitely book a staycation with them for next year!

Wish us luck!

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