Hillegom: Retro train station and Alice’s abandoned playground

This trip was taken in December 2019.

Tell me this is not the coolest, most retro train station you have ever seen?!?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Just a 30 min train ride from Amsterdam Centraal. Who would have known such a place existed?

The coolest station and I should add, the most outstanding AirBnB I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. Stumbled upon this place when I wanted to book somewhere special for my husband’s December post-Christmas birthday trip. Let’s face it the downtime between Christmas and New Years can be pretty boring at times so why not a quick trip to the Netherlands? A place I have really grown to love over the past year or so and a place I would very much like to spend some more time in, and perhaps live in.

Given that it was Christmas and expecting the weather to be pretty cold and damp I used the Airbnb filters to search for somewhere with a hot tub. I can’t imagine any better way of spending a chilly December day than in a warm hot tub whilst slurping on some bubbles, can you?

I stumbled upon Yaquelin’s place and was blown away by the uniqueness. A self-contained wooden hut, complete with fireplace, and some very unique decor. The entire place is decked out in full Arabian night’s theme which could be considered a bit kitsch but it was the outdoor hot tub over looking the lake that really sold it for me. I’m pleased to share that we were not disappointed. Yaquelin’s place was all we could have dreamed of and more. I mean, that shower… what can I say?!?

After popping the bubbles, courtesy of Yaquelin, we jumped in the tub to warm our cockles. We were so fortunate with the weather and although it was sub-zero temperatures it was actually a beautifully sunny day.

Several hours latter, I woefully drag my pruned self out to go for a wander before sunset. I was absolutely delighted with what I found and I can only describe this as Alice’s abandoned playground.

A dilapidated table and chair set that sat collecting rust and literally looked like it would collapse if you sat on it but beautiful all the same. A mildewed wishing well. A decomposing water pipe, a clock built into the side of a wall.

Elegant statues line the walkways and looked like they belong in the Louvre. Proud archways that stood tall and made you feel like you were walking through ancient roman ruins. Even a ramshackle telephone box that looked more like something more like out of Dr Who set than any sort of functional apparatus.

I finish my tour of the grounds with the setting sun as my backdrop and  ducks quacking as my soundtrack. Think it’s just about time for another hot tub. Seems rude not too.

The full listing for Yaquelin’s place can be found here.

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