Two types of travelers 

An article on Huff Post lifestyle caught my eye yesterday. Titled “Ten comics that perfectly explain the difference between travelers and tourists”, I have since taken it upon myself to rename this article: “Ten comics that perfectly explain your relationship with your Significant Other when you travel”.

The absolute truth of this tickles me so – it is like the author has travelled with me inside my backpack and observed my holiday squabbles with said other like a fly on the wall and then perfectly encapsulated that into comic form. All I can say is that Sarah Cooper is an absolute genius!

Lets take for example the way in which she has managed to portray the ongoing conflict between ones endless wanderlust and others wanting home comforts……



Or the classic city vs nature trip argument  and the inevitable compromise of trying to cram both in a single trip no matter how short.

“So this random Island 50 km off that coast of the Noregian archipalego we’re  going to – we will have wifi right? They HAVE to have wifi!”

My pedantic attempts to keep a track of the daily local sunrise and sunset times are stressful at times but handy at others 😉 Meanwhile  I find his lack of awareness of where we are/what language people are speaking/what currency we are using actually quite endeering.

Or like the so many times I frustrate him when I take us on one of my “getting lost on purpose” tours of a new place that happens to be 5 km off route. “It’s all part of the fun!” I argue desperately as he hangs his head in his hands 🙈🙉🙊

Did someone say bargain?!

I mean it’s not like this happens a lot. You know, like Every. Single. Trip.

And of course I can appreciate the home comforts from time to time…’s just really, can we at least try to sample the best local delacacies first, ideally the ones that are organic, local and environmentally sustainable too?  What – is that too much to ask?!

Finally – the best for last! This one I find the most hillarious perhaps because of how smack bang on it is in terms of its applicability to my own life.

Yes I will indeed admit to having (smuggly) passed around my spare worldwide adaptor for others utility on occasion (it just always comes in so handy!) But so has he forgotten to pack his underwear…….and realized long after we had boarded our boat for a week long cruise. Luckily it was a beachy vacay and we spent most of the trip in our swimming cosies 😂😂😂

So ladies and gents – I’m interested which type of traveller are you?

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