Welcome to my blog.

As a lifelong traveler it’s been my dream for some time to start documenting my adventures and experiences and this is my platform for doing so.

Born and raised just outside of London in the UK, I knew at a very early age I wanted to travel. As a teenager, countless hours were spent flicking through whatever atlases and encyclopedias were at home, planning my future travels. I was enthralled and just wanted to go anywhere and everywhere. Still to this day I can spend hours on end spinning a globe and pouring over maps, travel photos and guidebooks.

At 18 I packed my backpack and left armed with a couple of guidebooks, my manual SLR and just a little bit of attitude. I lived in New Zealand for 10 months and while I was there was fortunate enough to travel the whole country and spent 2 months travelling the backpackers trail of the South and East Coast of Australia. I am afraid to say I certainly did NOT take the road less travelled (anyone who has done this route will know what I mean) but I was 18, alone and it was comforting to be surrounded by so many youthful travelers just like me. After I finished up in New Zealand I was keen to try something a little more challenging so travelled through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand before flying home, exactly 1 year to the day from when I had left.

I already had the travel bug big time but spent 4 years at university dreaming of the next trip. As one of the perks of living in Europe, many a quick jaunt was taken to the Continent but I was also fortunate enough to spend more time in South East Asia, this time Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand (again) and Cambodia.

Post-university I embarked on my biggest challenge yet: South America – a place I had been dreaming of for many years. So when a dear friend I had met on my NZ travels moved there and at the same time I experienced a major life change  I took this as a sign and  booked my ticket to visit her. I had always shied away from anywhere where I would need to learn the language to get around yet I was keen to take things up a notch and embraced the language learning fully. First, spending a month in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Spanish school and then travelling over the Andes to meet my friend in Chile from where we road tripped for three weeks from Melipilla in the middle right up to Calama in the North. The day before I left Chile to go to Peru, I met the man who is now my husband….. in the middle of the Atacama desert.

We followed each other on our travels  and spent a month in  Cuzco, Peru and then travelled back to Chile where I lived for a further 6 months. Him – an American-born, Chilean raised and myself – a UK national we spent some time chasing one another other around the globe until we decided to settle in the US. First, in the Bay Area and currently in New England.

city hall 19
Staircase, San Francisco City Hall

And that’s the story. We both try to travel back to Europe and South America whenever possible and use every opportunity to explore the States and wherever else is on our destination list – whether that is staying in a cute gypsy caravan in the beautiful British countryside or hanging out on a beach in Santa Cruz, California.

gypseySanta cruz

This does sometimes involve travelling independently (me especially) but that is the way I have travelled most of my life and still to this day get a huge kick out of the experiences I have when I am a lone ranger.

I want to use this space to document my travels and adventures. If anyone other than my immediate family reads this it is a bonus.

Dedicated to all those fellow wundering souls…..

Happy reading!

Le mur des je t'aime, Paris
Le mur des je t’aime, Paris

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